Shields and Stuff in Hit Compilation 12 Tuesday January 17 2023, 12:46 PM
Shields and Stuff in Hit Compilation 12

I think these games in the Hit Comp 12 were the first ones we used shields in PH Paintball field. How you feel about using them in paintball?

Of course if one is looking for realism they are so far off the mark, light plexiglass or wooden shields making players partly invulnerable. But they sure make good force multipliers, giving new possibilities for moving between bunkers even when attackers and defenders are in about equal sized teams.  

We have used shields mainly in game modes where one side is clearly in attacking role and the can use the shields if they like. I think we tested defenders using them, but that got fast forgotten, kinda pointless when defenders don’t need to move and they can use the shields just to improve the normal bunkers.

Also the size of the shields makes a big difference. Using smaller riot shields has worked pretty well for our games, they are useful but not too powerful. Suurpeli type big shields (I think maximum is two square meters for those) in smaller games would be bad. They are pretty well balanced with 100+ players per team kind of games, but just one or two shields in smaller game would wreak havoc.

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