Indoor Action in Hit Compilation 10 with T15 Sunday January 15 2023, 3:56 PM
Indoor Action in Hit Compilation 10 with T15

I got some indoor playtime for Hit Compilation 10 video near Kuopio, Finland. Games were very straight forward, basically whatever the mission was, either you were defending a choke point or trying to attack thru one, so most of the time everyone knew where opponents were and no room to maneuver. It got boring very fast (how many times you want to rush to the exact same spot and get shot by the same guy), but when defending it of course gave some nice shots to make video with :).

Outdoor game footage is from early spring, so in typical Finnish style everything is pretty grey, no green stuff up yet. I think some shots are from Mekano Cup, a tournament for mechanical markers only (no batteries in hoppers either), which was fun to take part with magfed marker.


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