DYE DAM Gameplay in Hit Compilation 13 Sunday January 22 2023, 2:38 PM
DYE DAM Gameplay in Hit Compilation 13

I got some game time with DYE DAM for Hit Compilation 13 video, nice summer weather and nice games. We tested some new game modes and props, very different from normal games and it keeps the interest up.

DYE DAM is a one smooth shooting machine. The default magazines for it work extremely well, but the drawback is the low ball count when compared to 20 round magazines, 10 + 10 balls in two channels means lots of mag changing. On longer distances it is kinda ok, but close quarters mean that you are in trouble, especially when you are alone and the opponents know what they are doing.

At the time of making the video there wasn’t much choices for magazines, but now that is changing with 20+ ball magazines in plans. The coming of the Planet Eclipse MG100 magfed gun that uses the same magwell will probably also accelerate new desings.

For this video I added some movie type sound effects for the slow motion parts, hope you like them :).


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