Hit Compilation 4 with Magfed T15 Thursday January 5 2023, 5:31 PM
Hit Compilation 4 with Magfed T15

Hit Compilation 4 video from weekly games held in PH Paintball field near Heinola Finland. Played with First Strike T15 (well, at that time the company was still Tiberius Arms, but anyway :)). Games were palyed both in forest and “Varikko” (“Depot”) field which is made mostly with cubic containers.

Players have mixed gear, some with magfed and some with hopper paintball guns. Magfed playing goes great in these games, there is a 100 ball limit per game, so everyone has to think about where they shoot.

Low sun was brutal to play toward to and it wrecks the camera sometimes also, but of course it could used to your advantage too :).

Check out PH Paintball homepage here (mostly in Finnish language): PHpaintball.fi


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